All of my affiliates are very talented web designers with amazing websites. I highly recommend that you visit them all and browse what they have to offer! Affiliation is currently closed, but I would love to link exchange. :)


Megan as Lissa from Awakening — Megan is my younger sister, and I can't tell you how happy I was when she decided to make sites too! I've had the pleasure of seeing her style and writing change and improve over the years, as well as know all the behind the scenes work that always goes into each of her sites. Megan can decide on a Tuesday that she wants to shrine a character, marathon the entire series, take screenshots and finish the content of a site by Friday—and she doesn't disappoint! I inspire to have more fun with my sites like she does. I would highly recommend visiting Dissident and After the Storm, as they are among my favorites of hers.


Mayumi as Azura from Fates — Mayumi has been my main partner in crime when it comes to websites for a number of years and has really become one of my best friends. ♥ We have a whole host of series in common, but I'd say without a doubt that our major connection is through the Tales of series! She's always the first person to see any new layout or for me to run shrine ideas by...and probably the first person to hear me rant or obsess over something as well. I appreciate all of her support and look forward to continuing to web design together for many years to come! Be sure to check out Risk, her site for Severus Snape.


Todd as Henry from Awakening — I had admired Todd as a prominent figure in the website community over the years, so I was happy when we started to become friends a few years ago. He has always been supportive and helpful when I'm struggling with aspects of my domain or websites, which contributes to my growth as a web designer! We've both been really busy lately, but I always enjoy when we are online at the same time and have conversations around video games or websites. My favorite sites of his would have to be A Murder of Crows and Poltergeist!


Lethe as Eirika from Sacred Stones — Lethe is one of my biggest inspirations in the web design world. I am always amazed by the depth and originality of her content on every one of her shrines! I know that she puts a lot of work into each and every one, and she certainly does not fail to impress any time she she works on something new. Lethe is also a great person to talk to and super supportive of anything that I do, which certainly adds to my own motivation to web design. I would definitely recommend checking out Valkyrie and Baton Pass!


Megan as Elise from Fates — Megan and I have become better friends in the more recent months—mostly bonding over Tales of and Fire Emblem Fates! I always enjoy our conversations, especially about how much we love older male characters. I know that I will most certainly leave a chat with her in a better mood, which is very much appreciated considering how busy and stressed out I tend to be. I adore her layouts and am super excited to see almost all of her upcoming projects! Be sure to give her Pancham shrine, Killer Grin a visit.


Crystal as Lynn from Blazing Sword — I can't even remember exactly when Crystal and I became friends...all I know is that we have been friends for many years! We both try to motivate each other to work on whatever it is we are working on in the moment, which I appreciate a lot considering my laziness. Crystal is always supportive and willing to help out in any way she can! We tend to obsess over Fire Emblem and Pokémon the most, but I enjoy all of our conversations. I'd have to say that my favorite sites of hers are Save the World and Lullaby.




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