I have been making sites for many years. Unfortunately, I've had less and less time to dedicate to webdesign and almost everything I have online is old and outdated. So, I have decided to more or less start from scratch. All but one of my sites from over the years have been archived (you can still view them if you wish). Based on this, I am taking different approach to webdesign from what I've done before.

I am using the term "project" to convey that these sites are a work in progress. I will be updating them as I feel like rather than waiting until they are 100% completed before uploading. Things may change as time goes on, but the sites listed below have my current focus.

Another Ending

Fate/Grand Order - Personal Site & Short Essays
Completion: 10%
I never thought I'd be into mobile games much, but this game certainly has proved me wrong. Fate/Grand Order has pretty much been my life since I started playing it in December 2017... I decided it would be nice to have a spot on the Internet to talk about my personal experience with the game (or anime when relevant), and for short ramblings about my favorite servants. I like a lot of servants. However, as I clearly don't have time or desire to make shrines to them all, I thought having a small "essay collection" for those that I wanted to talk about would be pretty neat. So, here we are.

Ghost of Me

Tales of Vesperia - Raven
Completion: 15%
Wow—what can I say about Raven? To be honest, I originally had no interest in him. He was not a character that piqued my interest based on his appearance or his surface personality. It wasn't until it became clearer that there was more to Raven than meets the eye that I realized how much I actually did like him. And the word "like" is certainly an understatement. Raven ended up being my favorite character of all time in 2010 and still holds that status today! I opened Ghost of Me unfinished for Amassment's 2016 Construction Zone event, hoping that I could finish at least 50% of the site over my winter break. While that didn't end up happening, I'm happy to say I finally have something online for him and look forward to continuing to add to it.

Heaven's Not Enough

Fate Series - Gilgamesh
Completion: 2%
Well, liking Gil as much as I do now was very unexpected. Looking at his role solely in the Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night anime series will lead you to believe that he is as arrogant, cruel and selfish as they get. However, the Fate/Extella and Fate/Grand Order games have provided us with a much bigger picture of Gil's character and his character development over his lifespan—going from the cruel king to the wise king. Honestly, Gil is far from my "perfect" character. With that being said, though, he sure as heck is interesting to me and I've really grown attached to him. As it stands right now, he is my favorite character in the Fate series and has more or less made it toward the top of my favorite character list in general. This will be opened once a few written sections are completed.

The Raven

Ga-Rei - Isayama Yomi
Completion: 10%
Yomi has hands down been my favorite female character since winter of 2009. I really admire her strength, enjoy how real her character feels and have become very much emotionally attached to her story. She just resonates with me. No matter how many times I watch GA-REI-zero- or read the manga, I'm brought right back to where I was the first time I experienced it. The Raven was officially opened in July 2009, but has been on hiatus since 2012 because I was not happy with the content and wanted to renovate after the series officially ended. I've outlined quite a large revamp for the site's written content... I hope that I can start working my way through it soon. I will open it to the public once again as a work in progress once I finish a few written sections.

Looking for long term projects? I can't seem to stay focused on topics long enough to have a consistent list, but I am hoping to bring back my Kikyou site and make something new for Archer, Velvet Crowe and Xerxes Break someday.

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