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❧ December 2017

Saturday the 9th

Well, it's pretty evident that I haven't been overly active this year. Among other changes to come, I've decided to close many fanlistings. Those that are remaining can be viewed at Astralwing, which has a new layout. I don't plan to apply for anything new moving forward, so this look on Astralwing will be more or less static.

I am on vacation the first two weeks of January, so I hope to make the other network changes and potentially open a new site or something. We will see...

❧ January 2017

Tuesday the 3rd

Man, it's been a while since I've posted an update! I've archived 2015 and 2016 updates (which can be accessed from the links under my sites to the left). I wanted to make a new layout for this update log, but I guess it wasn't meant to be today...

→ After-death's LINKAGE PAGE has a new layout featuring Rem and Machina from Final Fantasy Type-0. I also removed some broken links and added a plethora of new ones (so many awesome new shrines in the past year or so)! If you'd like to exchange links, just let me know.

PENDULUM was given the old member list from the previous owner! I'm glad he didn't have to lose his fans. :)