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❧ October 2015

Thursday the 22nd

BRING ME TO LIFE is the approved fanlisting for Rin and Sesshoumaru from InuYasha. I hope to expand this into a tribute someday, but for now it's not on my radar. :<

SELENIA has a new layout (after a year, ha) and is now the approved fanlisting for Luke and Tear's relationship in the anime/manga.

PRIDE OF TOMORROW and RUKH'S GUIDANCE both have new layouts because their previous ones were outdated compared to my current coding/design style. Four more fanlisting revamps to go!

I finally got around to adding a tags page to my LAYOUT ARCHIVE. It is also now up-to-date with layouts for sites/fanlistings that are currently open! It'll probably be a while before I continue adding older stuff to it.

Okay, no more updates until I'm done with Yomi's revamp!

Wednesday the 7th

FLAMES OF ROYALTY was my second one page site for the 1P1M Encore marathon. It's a small dedication to Pyroar from Pokémon that will hopefully increase in size as its role increases.

SHADED TRUTHS is the approved fanlisting for Shin Sekai Yori. I've decided to take another stab at making a general series site... So look forward to that sometime in early 2016!

❧ September 2015

Wednesday the 30th

MISS MURDER is a one page site for Larxene from Kingdom Hearts. I wasn't originally going to participate in the 1P1M Encore marathon, but the fanlisting needed a revamp really badly and I've always wanted to make something for her, anyway. I ended up writing a lot more than I intended and had a lot of fun.

I'm working on squeezing in one more one pager before October 4th, as well as finishing my revamp of Win With Favorites. Once those things are done, I don't plan on working on anything other than Yomi and doing some new layouts for a few fanlistings.

Thursday the 17th

FALL FROM GRACE is a small site for Mami from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and was my one page site made for Amassment's one page, one month marathon! I actually finished this last month, but I forgot to make a post here because I jumped right into my next project...

ZERO is a modest dedication for Sayaka, also from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. This one I did finish today, although I was hoping to have it done by the end of last month as well. There is a page that responds to both August and September writing prompts from Bad Ass Bitches because it took me longer to complete than I had intended. So, Zero will be listed as part of September's prompt instead of August.

SOUL-GEM.ORG's radio has been updated with the soundtracks from the three movies. I'm pretty content with how the domain stands as of right now because I finally got two of the three projects I wanted to have finished! My last project is for Homura, but that probably won't come about until next year some time. I also want to change the layout here and get more of the gallery uploaded. I'm also thinking of making a page that can be an introduction to the series as well. We'll see what happens!

My goal is to have my one page, one month encore site (and possibly a second?!) done by Sunday. Stay tuned!

❧ August 2015

Friday the 14th

STORMFALL has a new layout and some css changes. I would like to delete the current gallery and replace it with HD images from Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, but I need the motivation to take screenshots first. Otherwise, this probably won't be updated until Kingdom Hearts III is released.

My LAYOUT ARCHIVE has been moved to Tumblr as of a few weeks ago. I'm still in the process of adding a number of things, but there are over 500 layouts to view already. I'm working on making a list of tags so it is easier to browse and find things.

Saturday the 8th

CROSSROADS and LIKE A SWAN both have new layouts and have been moved to my fan subdomain. I would love to make tributes to both of them someday, but don't envision it happening in the near future and I felt pressured having them sit around with subdomains if I didn't plan on working on them. Who knows, maybe one or both will be moved back in the future.

Friday the 7th

MORNING GLORY was finished some time last month but I forgot to post it! In any case, it is a modest dedication for Espeon from Pokémon, so feel free to check it out if you haven't already and it is something that interests you.

ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY has a new layout and a few stylistic changes. The poor fanlisting hasn't had one layout change since it opened until now!

BRAVE HEART also has a new layout. Like the above fanlisting, it also hadn't had a layout change since it opened... Which I felt really bad about because the original one was very rushed and was supposed to be temporary!

Site updates are slow because I am studying for my licensure exam... Once next week is over, I anticipate being able to put more time and effort into web design again. Right now I am working on knocking out some new layouts for things listed here, finishing Hymnaria's revamp and adding screen shots to Resonance, Paint it Black and The Dark Knight. I also signed up for Amassment's one page, one month challenge!

❧ June 2015

Thursday the 11th

WONDERWALL is the approved fanlisting for Rokudou Rinne and Mamiya Sakura from Rumiko Takahashi's Kyoukai no RINNE. I plan to expand this into a full site for both characters and their relationship (yeah, I sure like to make projects for myself...) soon. I'm aiming for late summer/early fall for this one. I've added them to my projects page as well.

CENTER is the approved fanlisting for Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I haven't decided if I want to make this into a shrine yet, so for now it is just the fanlisting only.

A bunch of my fanlistings have new affiliates and AFTER-DEATH.ORG has a new affiliate that I reconnected with— Be sure to give her domain a visit!

I'm hoping that Lon'qu will be surfacing in the next week or two. I also have plans to move some of my fanlistings that have their own subdomains (Eyes, Rin, Kougami) to the fan subdomain because I don't envision making shrines for them anymore due to time and motivation. I still love them all dearly...but they've definitely moved down on my list of priorities. But yeah, expect Lon'qu and Espeon to be up by the end of the month.

Thursday the 4th

All of my Pokémon and Tales fanlistings have a handful of new affiliates. I finally got around to responding to all the e-mails collecting in my inbox! Updates are kind of slow for a while until I get my life together (post graduation things), but I hope to be done with Lon'qu in the coming weeks.

❧ May 2015

Tuesday the 26th

AFTER-DEATH.ORG has a new layout and general format. I'm always going back and forth on how I want to organize the domain, but I think I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out for now.

My LAYOUT ARCHIVE is now up to date with all the recent layout changes over the past month or two.

I've also created this updates log to have a central place for people to check for my updates across the network— and included. All of my sites will still have their individual updates pages (and post on twitter), but I'll provide brief updates here as well so it's easier to keep track.