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❧ January 2018

Wednesday the 3rd

It's hard to believe that it is 2018 already! The New Year is often associated with change and starting something new—and that is the case for me and websites. You may have noticed some changes starting to happen prior to today (i.e. if you missed my last update in December, that I closed a good chunk of fanlistings).

AFTER-DEATH.ORG is back from hiatus with a new layout and new organization. After thinking that I lost all my computer files in November, I decided that I wanted to cut down and reorganize. Below is a summary of what's new:

❧ Both soul-gem.org and grim-sylphie.org are now closed. Most sites have been moved to after-death.org; some have closed.

❧ Majority of my sites to this point have been archived. As much as I'd like to clean many of them up, the reality is that it will not happen any time soon (or ever).

❧ Due to time and energy, I've decided to change my approach to webdesign. If I have a couple of pages of a site done, I will list it on the showcase page and continue to work on it as I have time. I became painfully aware this past year that if I expect things to be completed before I open them, I might as well just quit making sites. You will see completion percentages listed for each site on the showcase page to give you an indication of where I am at.

❧ Both this page and my linkage page have new layouts. Can you tell what my latest obsession is? I also cleared through the broken links and added a couple of new ones.

I'm on vacation until the 11th, so I hope to do a couple of things around the current network and potentially start working on a new site. Let's hope 2018 is more productive than 2017 was!