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❧ May 2019

Saturday the 18th

I sure am not very good at being active anymore... Anyway, a small update:

ANOTHER ENDING has a new layout with all updated sections. I'm changing the direction that I want to go with the opinions/short essays section based on starting a new playthrough on a computer emulator—involving discussion of the story and events with character analysis integrated. Therefore, I updated the sections and organization a little bit. Notably:

- The status page has been updated based on what I've been working on in-game.

- I've overhauled the merchandise page based on my...increase in items since January.

- I updated the "Looking Ahead" sub-section to reflect servants I'm saving for and events/story I'm looking forward to through December.

- A new "Journey" section has been added, which will include some casual thoughts about the story and characters as I feel like adding to them.

- I've also taken notes and organized some thoughts on Singularity F and the most recent SE.RA.PH event for the "Journey" section. The pages are coming soon, but hopefully I can get them up in the next two weeks.

I hope to try to be even a little more active with this new set-up, but I won't make any promises based on my track record.