Due to having less time and energy to dedicate to webdesign, I've decided to take a different approach from what I've done before and put sites online even when not finished. Please note that some sites are much more complete than others—completion is marked for your convenience. With that being said, I am trying to have fun and add content as I have time, so keep checking back!

Ghost of Me

Tales of Vesperia - Raven
Completion: 15%
Wow—what can I say about Raven? To be honest, I originally had no interest in him. He was not a character that piqued my interest based on his appearance or his surface personality. It wasn't until it became clearer that there was more to Raven than meets the eye that I realized how much I actually did like him. And the word "like" is certainly an understatement. Raven ended up being my favorite character of all time in 2010 and still holds that status today! I opened Ghost of Me unfinished for Amassment's 2016 Construction Zone event, hoping that I could finish at least 50% of the site over my winter break. While that didn't end up happening, I'm happy to say I finally have something online for my favorite character and look forward to continuing to add to it.

Sympathy for the Devil

Thor - Loki
Completion: 55%
I was first introduced to Loki's character in mid December 2014 when I happened to see snippets of Thor: The Dark World on TV. I had never paid much attention to superhero movies prior to this, but there was something about Loki that drew me in—and I've never looked back. I am a huge Marvel fan now and I attribute this to Loki and how his character intrigued me enough to introduce me to the Marvel Universe. Every time I think I have Loki figured out, he does something to make me wonder all over again. I think it's fascinating how he walks the thin line between "good" and "evil." Needless to say, I have a lot to say about him. I ended up opening Sympathy for the Devil in January 2016 once I adopted the fanlisting despite not being finished. I hope to keep working on this after Thor: Ragnarok is out on DVD!


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Miki Sayaka
Completion: 90%
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica was not something that I thought I'd be interested in for a long time after it initially aired. Once I did watch it, though, I realized it was not your typical magical girl series at all and ended up really enjoying it. Though it took a couple of years for me to realize she was my favorite from the series, I found Sayaka to be the most interesting character. She's very real and her story is the epitome of the saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intensions." My love for the series overall has faded, but Sayaka remains a character that is very dear to my heart. I really enjoyed working on this site and actually found that I learned a lot by making it!

Looking for long term projects? I can't seem to stay focused on topics long enough to have a consistent list, but I am hoping to bring back my Isayama Yomi site and make something new for Emiya Kiritsugu, Oda Sakunosuke, and Velvet Crowe someday.

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