My network has expanded so much over the years that I needed to create a few collectives in order to keep myself more organized. Thus, not all of my web projects are located here on Most are series-specific—check out any that may interest you!


Fanlisting Collective
Fanlistings have definitely decreased in their popularity over the last few years. That being said, they've been something that has been a part of my online identity for many years and I find them hard to give up! I probably have too many these days... But, I am grateful for the opportunity to care for so many of my favorite subjects. Because I like so many series, it isn't realistic for me to create shrines for everything. I see fanlistings as an opportunity to have an online appreciation for things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to show. Many of them are shrines already or I hope to change into shrines someday in the future. You can also view my joined fanlistings here as well.

Tales of Series Domain
The Tales of series is one of my most treasured fandoms. My first game in the series was Tales of Symphonia, which I played in late high school with one of my best friends. We've played multiple games in the series together ever since! I have so many fond memories of playing the games (some multiple times) and will admit that I've purchased systems that I wouldn't have otherwise in order to play them. I've made many friends as a result of being a Tales of fan as well, which only adds to my fondness for the series. Please note that many of my shrines here are currently "archived" due to their age. Those I am currently focusing my attention on are featured on the main page.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Domain
I wasn't anticipating loving Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica as much as I do. When I first saw it, I thought it was just your average magical girl series. I finally ended up watching it some time after the series ended and absolutely fell in love. I really enjoyed the story, characters and music—so much so that I originally anticipated creating a general series site. Unfortunately, I wasn't enjoying making a general series site as much as I thought I would, and so I decided to make this more of a media hub and collective for shrines instead. currently houses two shrines, two fanlistings and offers a music radio, avatars and screenshots from the anime. I hope to add more media and finish my last project in the next year or two.

The Path is Yours

Fire Emblem Collective
Fire Emblem was another series that I initially didn't think I would enjoy. My first game in the series was Path of Radiance, and I have played most of the games that came to America since then. I love so many of the characters and I really enjoy the strategy aspects of the gameplay. This collective currently houses two older shrines that are archived and a few fanlistings. However, a few of the projects listed here are on my radar as things I would like to finish in the next few months and so I decided to go ahead and open the collective anyway. Keep checking back!!

Win With Favorites

Pokémon Collective
Why yes, I am still one of those hardcore Pokémon fans! I've loved the idea of Pokémon since elementary school and have played every generation of games since then. Win With Favorites is a collective of small shrines to some of my favorite companions from over the years. I've also personalized it to contain some tidbits from my stories, my history with the series and a list of all my favorite Pokémon, even if I don't have shrines to them!
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